Kit Lau, Principal of TBS


Kit Lau has over 18 year experience in biostatistics and genomics. She was Director of Biostatistics at VitaPath Genetics, a molecular diagnostics startup. Prior to that, Kit was Scientific Fellow, Director of Statistical Genetics at Celera, a molecular diagnostics and genomics company. She had also analyzed clinical trials in Eli Lilly and Pfizer, specializing in pharmacogenomics. Kit got her Ph.D. at Brown University and did her postdoc at UC San Francisco.

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Disease Area Experience

  • Oncology (breast cancer, lung cancer)

  • Neurosciences (depression, Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia)

  • Inflammatory diseases (asthma, inflammatory bowel disease)

  • Metabolic disease (diabetes)

Endpoint Experience

  • Survival

  • Time series

  • Categorical

  • Continuous


Molecular prognostic signature for predicting breast cancer distant metastasis, and uses thereof. Inventors: K, Lau, A. Wang, USPTO Patent # 7695915, issued in April 2010, filed in Jan. 2008.

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